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9106 N Hudson

9112 N Hudson

9116 N Hudson

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7664 N Williams

2821 N Farragut

6720 N Knowles




2 Responses to Available Homes

  1. Sue Chelton says:

    Do you have any homes partially built or future home to be built and available near University of Portland?

    • Hi Sue,

      Yes, we do! Please see the addresses below:
      1.) 7333 N fiske. This is a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath duplex with 1 bd ADU in basement of each unit. This project is very close to university of Portland (6 weeks until completion).
      2.) we also have two single family’s detached units and lots at 7374 n macrum and 6540 n Oberlin which are 3 bd, 2 1/2 bath (8 weeks until completion).
      3.) you can also look at 6714 n Knowles which is another 3 bd, 2 1/2 bath, with a 1 bd adu in the basement (12 weeks until completion).

      You can contact Farrel realty and Associates located on Lombard for additional inquiries.

      Best Regards,

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